September 17th, 2005

Blah lah la lah la

DRAMA SUCKS ASS. All of my friends are just.. AHHHH! High school is tearing us apart! JESUS! You know what. I dont even fucking care anymore. All this drama over boys and friends and the juniors and what the fuck ever, I'M SICK OF IT AND IT'S IMMATURE AND CHILDISH! People have to talk behind each others backs and walk off in damn pairs and god SAY IT TO THEIR FACE. When I ask you a question, don't walk away and be immature and childish about it, JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!!!! Oh my god, I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs last night and just tell everyone to stop their bitching, drop everything, and START ALL OVER! God, none of us can get along for like 5 seconds.. just 5 seconds.. someone is always getting into an argument. God, it's overwhelming and... I don't know it's just too much... for me. Too much. I think me and Kelsie pretty much feel the same, but I don't know about everyone else. I'm just sick of everyone having shit with each other. It's immature and so elementary. GOD! I just wanna go to school, get good grades, graduate in 2009 with at least a 3.8 gpa, and go to a good college and get a great career! I DON'T NEED DRAMA WITH IT!!! I just need focus.. in school.. NOT DRAMA. Man.. I'm over this shit.. period.
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