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A good update, finally.

So, I'm really gonna update this time.

I went shopping yesterday and blahh. I got new shoes and jeans and a new The Beatles shirt... fucking awesome. I got 2 new belts too. Now I have like 6 million belts. lol.  I'm losing weight.. um yay.
But anyway, Derek comes back in like 2 weeks and I'm excited.
Schools still a drag and out June 16th. I went to the Carnival (OV Fest) on Friday with my 2 best friends Nina and Kelsie and Ryan, Eamonn, and Kyle. Drama up the ass with Ryan and some dumb ass boy named Eddie, but whatever, I hope it's over or else someone is gonna end up in a body bag.
I'm gonna start going to the tanning bed so I can get a tan and I'm gonna get my hair colored hopefully this coming weekend and if not, the next because my hair is getting longer. It's looks plain since it's just black and you know.. I got used to having different colors in my hair. I'm probably gonna get my nails done too. Everybody keeps tellling me I'm changing, but I don't think so.
My allergies were really bad yesterday. I think I almost died.
I miss my mom. But I'm going to her house this weekend and shes gonna buy me a bathing suit.. gag.
Anyway... I'm gonna go shopping again probably next weekend. I' gonna buy some leg warmers and high heels. Man... I LOVE the 80's. I'm gonna get this pink frilly skirt with black lace under it that shows on the bottom and it has white polka dots on it. MMMMMM. haha.
Well.. I actually don't think that's a good entry, but that's the longest it's been in like the past 2 months. So.. here's an ugly picture.

<33 Alicia.

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